Responsive and AMP Website Design

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A responsive website design allows your website pages to gracefully fill the full width of the viewing screen of the device your are viewing your website on.

In other words, your website will look good on a large width computer monitor. It will fill the whole width from left to right. It will look pleasing and be easy to navigate and view. Plus as the viewing screen gets smaller such as the screen on an IPad or tablet, your website pages will gracefully scale down, ( not squish down ) but scale and actually rearrange the items to gracefully fit the smaller width of the viewing screen.

Even Smaller Screens

Now lets drill down a little farther. Lets look at your website on a really small screen such as a smart phone. Now what happens? Well, if it is truly a responsive website design it will continue to gracefully scale and resize to fit even the smallest of screens. in other words, your website should be pleasing and readable on the largest to the smallest of screens. NOTE: For smart phones and other small handheld devices, Google is now recommending that your phone version complies with AMP, the Accelerated Mobile Pages format. Give us a call or email us to set up an appointment to discuss the new AMP Project that Google has rolled out.

Why Responsive Design

You can blame technology. Monitors now come in all widths. More and more companies are building tablets. And you know about handheld, smart phones. Just about everyone has a smart phone. That is why we believe a responsive website design is now more important than ever. Plus we cannot predict what technology will be here tomorrow but as long as web code does not change, the responsive design should be able to adapt to the device widths no matter how small or wide (within reason).

Why Choose us?

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Web Design

You may have an existing website that needs a custom application. We can handle most applications. Contact forms, special image rotators, sliders and more.

Website Optimization

SEO is a time consuming and labor intense endeavor. There are no short cuts here. You have to implement a plan, monitor your results, make necessary changes and keep on top with this ever changing landscape.

Web Hosting

Your website will be hosted on a reliable GoDaddy server.

Mobile Friendly

Does your current website fit a small screen gracefully. Can you read everything on your website when using a handheld device. if you answered no, we have several solutions for you.


You can have all the information and more through Google Analytics. From real time info to what devices and operating systems others are using when visiting your website.


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