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“We do not collect or distribute personally identifiable information through our website; you may choose to email us & in such cases we use the information you provide about yourself to respond to you and provide you with the information you may need. We do not share or sell this information to outside parties”.

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Our vision is dynamic. We have to constantly stay with new technology. Currently the trend is responsive web design. I believe this will be the standard for many years to come. responsive web design responds to the screen size you are viewing. In other words, your website will gracefully re-size to any screen size. from the small handheld devices of approx. 320 pixels wide to very large monitors. This is what we are promoting. We also have a more economical solution if your budget cannot support a complete website redesign. Article by


Enjoying what you do is all part of our synergy. Plus helping other businesses get their message online in a pleasing and effective way. To us, that's synergy.